Frequently Asked Women's Health Questions

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept most major insurance plans, however we recommend contacting your insurance company to make sure that we are in your network.  Please see our Insurance and Billing page to view a list of our accepted insurance plans. 

Is there an appointment available today? 
We want to ensure that you have flexible options when it comes to scheduling an appointment.  As a result, we generally reserve a select number of appointment slots for same day appointment requests.

Can I refill my medications?
Depending on the type of medication and whether you are up to date on your annual exam we can refill most medications. We call in most medications on the same day - within just a few hours. For the fastest service, please call during regular business hours if possible. For urgent matters, call the Beaver Dam Women's Health healthcare provider on call at 920-887-7181.

Can you treat me for a UTI without seeing me? 
To ensure that we are treating a possible condition appropriately, it is best to come in to the clinic to provide a urine specimen before treatment is given.

Is this type of pain normal? 
Pain can be a normal part of a woman’s cycle, and can also be the sign of a more serious condition.  If you are feeling pain that is out of the ordinary or persistent, it is best to contact us to determine how we can help. 

Is this vaginal discharge normal? 
Vaginal discharge is normal and can vary based on your cycle.  It can also indicate an infection. If you experience discharge following a recent procedure or that seems abnormal for your cycle, please contact us to determine how we can help.

How will I learn the results of my recent lab test? 
If test results are abnormal, we call patients to discuss the results and next steps.  If the results are normal, you will be notifed via mail.

What if I have a problem and the clinic is closed?
As part of our commitment to you, Beaver Dam Women's Health provides call coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. That means that if you have an urgent problem at any time, you can call us at 920-887-7181 and ask for the Beaver Dam Women's Health healthcare provider on call. They will be able to address your problem right away.


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