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Hints for Handling the Emotional Aspects of Urogynecologic Health Issues

April 2019

When you have urogynecologic health issues such as pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence, you may struggle with how to respond. For some women, emotions like frustration, sadness, or fear to come to the surface.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Urogynecologic Health Issues [Infographic]

March 2019

If you’re worried about experiencing urogynecologic health issues, you’re not alone. Many women experience problems like urinary or fecal incontinence and pelvic floor disorders resulting from vaginal childbirth, genetics, or other factors. While you may not be able to eliminate your risk entirely, you can reduce it through lifestyle habits like these.

Inspiring Female Empowerment Tips

March 2019

We want to highlight female empowerment tips using the collective wisdom of women authors, speakers, artists, politicians, businesspeople, and others from around the globe.

Need Help Selecting the Right Contraception Option for You? [Infographic]

March 2019

What kind of birth control to use is a very personal decision that depends on many factors. Take this short quiz to help you understand which birth control options may be best for you based on your family planning goals, medical history, and preferences.

6 Minimally Invasive Procedures for Urogynecologic Conditions

March 2019

When you’re having a urogynecologic health concern like incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or pelvic pain, your top priority is likely to resolve the issue with as little disruption to your life as possible.

7 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Daily Life

February 2019

Want to get your workout in without hitting the gym? There are simple activities you can add to your daily exercise plan that won’t even feel like a workout! Start with these seven ways to incorporate exercise into daily life.


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