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How to Meditate - 8 Meditation Steps For Relaxing Your Way to Better Health

November 2012

We all face stress at one point or another. It’s a common response for women managing the many demands in their lives. While it is healthy to feel some stress, you do need to make time to relax in order to keep your stress levels under control. We all say we will relax more, but it’s best to take that to heart.

How and Where to Get Birth Control Information: Contraception 101

October 2012

Figuring out where to get the right birth control for your needs can be tricky. Should you see a doctor? Do you need a prescription? What are the most effective options?  With such a personal decision, it’s important to have a go-to resource you can trust.

Breast Health - The Controversy of Self Breast Exams & Mammograms and What You Should Do

October 2012

Recommendations for routine breast health differ greatly, which means knowing what to do can be very confusing for you. Even the most respected women's health sources still debate the guidelines of preventative breast health, today. In line with the American Cancer Society, we've created a list of our own recommendations on two of the most highly debated topics.

What is Menopause and What are the Symptoms?

September 2012

Menopause is one of those misunderstood topics many women often avoid. We watch our mothers go through the ups and downs – just like a roller coaster.  As women, many  fear “the change” just knowing what is to come.

About Ovarian Cancer - Signs, Symptoms and Assessing Your Risk

August 2012

Cancer is a scary term. And for many women, gynecologic cancers can be difficult to think about. But did you know that ovarian cancer is the number one type of gynecologic cancer? Over 21,000 women are diagnosed with it each year in the United States and almost two-thirds do not survive.

Urogynecology Combats Pelvic Pressure, Bladder or Bowel Control Issues and So Much More

July 2012

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most extraordinary, joyful and life changing events in a woman’s life. A miracle, some may say. Personally speaking, I would have to agree. In over 17 years since we’ve been practicing in the Beaver Dam area, we’ve had the honor of delivering thousands of healthy babies, and each one is an utter marvel.


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