3 Ways to Lose Weight After Giving Birth [Infographic]

April 2017

Realistic tips for new moms to help you get your body back.

There's a lot of pressure for new moms to get it all right: breastfeed, bond, eat well, and "bounce back" as quickly as possible. While you may feel pressure to become “super mom” right away, giving yourself time to relax into your new role should take precedence. Most everything will fall into place naturally. After some time has passed, try these realistic ways to lose weight after giving birth. They'll help you achieve a healthy weight, de-stress, tone your muscles, and start feeling like yourself again. 

One way to lose weight after giving birth is to exercise with your baby.

1. Get some shut-eye

Sleep deprivation makes it harder to lose baby weight – and harder to function at your best. We know, we know – getting sleep can seem laughable when you have a new baby. And the notion to "sleep when baby sleeps" doesn't necessarily work for all new moms. But it’s vital to make it a priority. That might mean trading off baby duties with your partner for a few hours at night, lowering your housework standards or asking for help with chores, and cutting yourself some slack on appointments and plans. Start getting adequate sleep first – then move on to #2 and #3 in this post.

2. Incorporate movement with your baby in tow

For the baby that wants you to hold him or her and the new mom who wants to exercise, consider using an ergonomic baby carrier. They offer cozy, comfortable ways to keep little ones happy while freeing up your hands to move. Try wrapping your baby against you and do squats, lunges, yoga stretches, or lift hand weights. You could also use a stroller to go for a walk for cardiovascular exercise. Any type of movement burns calories, keeps your baby happy, and can be fun for both of you. Try these safe, low-impact mommy and me workout ideas when your doctor says it’s safe to move. Be sure to stop all exercise if you experience excessive bleeding, pelvic pain, shortness of breath, exhaustion after mild workouts, or sore muscles that won’t go away, then call your OB/GYN clinic. 

3. Eat real food

It can be tempting to head for the already-prepared or frozen food aisles in the weeks and months after your baby is born. Who has the time or mental energy to cook? But eating real food is one of the very best things you can do for your weight loss efforts and your energy level. Make an activity out of cooking healthy meals with your partner in the weeks before labor, then freeze them. You’ll appreciate home-cooked food after your baby is born! Focus on dishes with veggies, lean proteins, and minimally-processed foods, like these healthy meal recipes for busy moms. Even when time is short, a quick smoothie or pan of roasted vegetables takes as little time and effort to prepare as a frozen pizza – but they'll fuel your body and make you feel so much better about yourself. 

For more ways to lose weight after giving birth, schedule a time to talk with our doctors and women’s health team today. We’ll offer personalized and realistic advice that works with your body and lifestyle so you can meet your weight loss goals.

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