7 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Daily Life

February 2019

Create a daily exercise plan with these simple activities that don’t require a gym.

Want to get your workout in without hitting the gym? There are simple activities you can add to your daily exercise plan that won’t even feel like a workout! Start with these seven ways to incorporate exercise into daily life: Walking a dog is one way to incorporate exercise into daily life.

  1. Walk a dog
  2. Park further away
  3. Take the stairs
  4. Do active outdoor chores
  5. Put exercise gear by the TV
  6. Clean your house
  7. Schedule fun activities with friends

Continue to learn more about each idea for creating daily exercise plan that’s easy to fit into your lifestyle.

  1. Walk a dog

Few things will put you in a better mood for exercise quite like a tail-wagging dog who sees you approaching with a leash. If you don’t have a pup of your own, inquire if your neighbor or local animal shelter needs dog-walking volunteers—you’ll be doing so much good for them and yourself!

  1. Park further away

If you find yourself circling the parking lot hoping to get a closer spot, resist the urge! When the weather allows, embrace the far-away spot at work and stores. You’ll get a little extra leg-stretching and fresh air, which boosts energy, happiness, and immunity – and you won’t have to compete for the coveted spaces by the entrance.

  1. Take the stairs

If you live, work, or regularly visit an upper floor, your routine already has a perfect opportunity to incorporate exercise into daily life. Instead of punching the elevator button, hit the stairs instead. The endorphins will give you a much-needed energy and mood lift, in addition to cardiovascular and other health benefits.

  1. Do active outdoor chores

Tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and shoveling snow beautify your property and help your health! If you don’t have outdoor chores of your own to do, consider helping an elderly neighbor or relative. If you have the space for a garden, that’s another excellent daily exercise option that will get you outdoors and active without having to join a gym.  

  1. Put exercise gear by the TV

TV time has a certain reputation for being linked to health problems like heart disease and diabetes. But that’s only because it’s sedentary! You can still enjoy your TV time while making it active. Put an elliptical, dumbbell weights, or other equipment by the TV and do reps while you watch. During the commercials, challenge yourself to leg lifts or push-ups. You may find that the workout flies by when you’re entertained at the same time!

  1. Clean your house

Before you tackle chores around the house, crank up your favorite feel-good music. Turn “picking up clothes” into “squats.” Dance your way through vacuuming. Whichever task you choose, making house cleaning part of your daily exercise plan can help you kill two productive birds with one stone.

  1. Schedule fun activities with friends

Instead of catching up over lunch or coffee, kick your social time up a notch. Check out Beaver Dam area hiking trails together, go kayaking in the summer or cross-country skiing in winter, plan a daily morning run, or even just talk and walk around the block. Your friendship will flourish, and you’ll both get a built-in accountability partner to help you stay active.

These ways to incorporate exercise into daily life help keep you fit without interrupting your busy day or requiring you to join a gym. Want more ideas for staying active? Read other fitness articles on the blog.

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