7 Tips to Manage Your Period This Summer

June 2019

Enjoy the warmer months without letting your period “cramp” your style.

One of the tips to manage your period in the summer is to know where to find the nearest bathroom.

Summer is a time of beach vacations, outdoor barbeques, and healthy summer activities like these ones all around town in Beaver Dam. If you have plans and suddenly realize your period is due, you might worry that your monthly visitor will put a literal “cramp” in your style. Instead of canceling or fretting, try these tips to manage your period and lessen the discomfort:

  1. Know where the bathroom is
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Avoid salty snacks
  4. Eat symptom-fighting foods
  5. Wear a comfy outfit
  6. Pack extra hygiene products
  7. Enjoy some light exercise

Keep reading to learn more about these ways to enjoy summer when you have your period.

  1. Know where the bathroom is

If you’re going on a summer trip—whether it’s a day trip to the lake, a festival, or a week-long road adventure—you’ll be far away from your usual surroundings. When you have your period en route, it helps to take frequent bathroom breaks so you can change your hygiene products to prevent leaking or discomfort. When scouting out bathroom locations in a new environment, technology makes it a breeze with several free apps that can help you find a public bathroom no matter where you are.

  1. Stay hydrated

When it comes to hydration, a period in summer means a double whammy – you’re more likely to lose water through sweat and your flow. It’s vital to replenish your body with the fluids it needs, so you don’t wind up dehydrated. Stock up on reusable water bottles and make them your new best friend. If you’re doing physical activity, you might want to sip something with electrolytes – minus the sugar.

  1. Avoid salty snacks

Even if you crave salty foods when you have your period, try to resist the urge to grab that bag of chips. Salt means extra water retention that can exacerbate an already bloated sensation when your period might have you feeling that way already. Instead, eat symptom-fighting foods as described in our next tip to manage your period this summer.

  1. Eat symptom-fighting foods

In an earlier post, we talked about some foods that can alleviate period symptoms like cramps, bloating, and cravings. Fortunately, some are nice and portable, making them ideal for taking on-the-go. Our favorite idea is to pack yourself a PB&J made with whole-wheat bread and a banana on the side – and get out and enjoy the summer day worry-free!

  1. Wear a comfy outfit

When it comes to tips for managing your period in the summer, choose your outfits with comfort in mind. For instance, tight clothing might feel too constricting when you’re having period symptoms, so you may want to opt for something loose-fitting. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, though—summer clothing is often all about being loose and flowy anyway! Try a maxi skirt, palazzo pants, your favorite pair of soft, stretchy jeans, or comfy shorts. As for wearing white, use your best judgment based on your comfort level and flow.

  1. Pack extra feminine hygiene products

When managing your period on a summer trip, it’s always a good rule of thumb to pack more hygiene products than you think you’ll need. Even if you’re not expecting it for a little while, keep a stash of tampons and pads in your purse or the car just in case Aunt Flo pops in as a surprise. If you prefer a menstrual cup, it makes packing easier, although you might want backup liners too. Making sure you have products on-hand will help you enjoy your summer vacation stress-free.

  1. Enjoy some light exercise

Exercise might be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling cramped and bloated, but sticking with a routine can have you feeling better before and during your period. It can decrease PMS symptoms, elevate your mood, reduce pain, and give you the energy to seize the summer day ahead. We’re not talking marathon running here; walking and light strength training are all you need. Yoga can be helpful to do before your period starts thanks to its relaxing effect on the body.

With these tips to manage your period, you’re all set to enjoy yourself this summer. If concerns about heavy or painful periods are getting you down, we can help. Contact us online today or call 920.885.6090 to make an appointment with our doctors, midwives, and women’s health care team.

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