Mommy and Me Workout Ideas

December 2016

Safe, low-impact ways for new moms to work out at home post-pregnancy.

One of our mommy and me workout ideas is sit-ups with baby at your feet.

Whipping your mom-bod back into shape may sound like a luxury among the other things on your mommy to-do list, but physical fitness is an anchor for success in the rest of your life. It needs to be a priority. Sure, it’s nice to get alone time and re-center yourself at a gym, but sometimes the more practical thing is a mommy and me workout at home. These cardio, strength training, and toning ideas will get you started.


Walking is the cornerstone to any mom and baby workout. The low impact is easier on your loose post-pregnancy joints than running, and though you won’t end up lathered in sweat, you will burn calories and gain tone. Consider signing up for a mommy and me stroller walk group, where the social aspect can help with motivation. Then consider forgoing the stroller. Put baby in a secure front- or back-carrier instead, and ta-da, you’ve got weights! Focus on keeping your shoulders down and your abdominals engaged, and more than your legs will see the toning benefits.

Another way to make cardio fun for the kiddo and mom is to simply cut a rug. Turn on your music and dance for 20 to 30 minutes. When you’re having fun, you are less likely to watch the clock and cheat yourself out of precious workout minutes. It’s great bonding time and can help wear your little one down for a nice, long nap, too.

Strength Training

A great addition to cardio, strength training is an ideal way to get fit. With a mommy and me workout, you can do strength-training without a weight set. Try doing squats and lunges while wearing or holding your baby. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and make sure you don’t fold at the waist as you lower and raise your body, getting as low as you can without sacrificing form. Be mindful to engage your core and focus on balance all the way through the movement.


Many a mom will tell you that simply lugging a kiddo around for a year or two will naturally transform your biceps. If you’d rather make a conscious effort to tone your guns, lay baby underneath you and do kiss-down pushups—kissing or nuzzling baby each time you lower your body. Sit-ups and many yoga routines can incorporate baby in this way, too. Little ones love the repetition and pattern, learning when to anticipate the TLC.

When is the right time to dive into workouts after delivery? If you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, normally you can begin your mom and baby workout within days of leaving the hospital. Otherwise, wait for the green light from your doc. And always listen to your body!

Having a mommy and me workout will reduce the temptation to skip exercise. More important than looking better, you’ll feel better. Learn more ways to squeeze in time in your busy life for workouts. For expert advice for more ways stay healthy after pregnancy, request an appointment with one of our health providers at our comfortable clinic today.

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