Maintaining Your Breast Health at Every Stage of Your Life

August 2016

Medical recommendations from puberty to post-menopause.

Your breasts are an important piece of you, and it’s essential to keep them healthy at every stage of your life. Here’s how to maintain breast health at every age: Use this infographic to learn more about breast health at every stage of life.


In puberty, breasts will grow and change frequently, and these changes can lead to discomfort and pain. There are several ways to combat breast pain:

  • Switch to a more supportive bra
  • Take NSAIDs (in moderation) to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Keep track of your symptoms and if anything seems out of the ordinary, talk to your doctor


Women experience several changes during pregnancy, including tenderness, darkening of nipples, and nipple enlargement. You may notice red, hard lumps in your breasts. These could simply be normal symptoms of clogged milk ducts. Here are some home remedies for this common issue, but talk to your doctor if symptoms like fever or tenderness do not resolve in a few days:

  • Run warm water over your breasts
  • Apply a warm washcloth to the affected area
  • Massage your breasts gently


Into your 40s, this is what you need to know about your breast health:

  • Milk ducts are replaced with fat tissue, which may result in a larger bra cup size and softness
  • Incorporate upper body weight training to build chest muscles for support
  • Your risk for breast cancer increases, so schedule your first mammogram at age 40-45 and continue to have them yearly (or as you and your doctor feel is necessary)


Follow your usual mammogram schedule and keep an eye out for lumps, cysts, and skin issues. Women may also experience sagging during menopause—here's how you can care for your breasts:

  • Try to maintain a healthy BMI
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting


About 50% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are age 61 and older, so make smart breast health-related lifestyle choices to fight cancer into your 60s and beyond:

  • Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise up to five days per week
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Consume no more than one alcoholic beverage daily

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