How to Keep Your Weight Loss Goals on Track During the Holidays

December 2018

Learn practical weight management pointers you can use to navigate festive gatherings.

One way to keep your weight loss goals on track over the holidays is to make and bring healthy recipes to share at gatherings.

Many people arrive on the other side of the holiday season feeling the need to shed a few pounds. But if you’re already on your weight loss journey, you don’t have to put your efforts on hold until the New Year! Here are some simple ways you can celebrate the magic of the season while keeping your weight loss goals on track:

  • Make or bring healthy recipes to share
  • Control your portions
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Enjoy active outdoor fun with the family
  • Be easy on yourself

Keep reading for more about these practical weight management methods to help you navigate festive gatherings.

Make and bring healthy recipes to share

If you’re attending a gathering, ask the host(ess) if you can bring a healthy dish to share. There are many classic holiday recipes with smart ingredient substitutions, or you can experiment with other nutritious foods that might become your family’s new favorites. Fruits and veggies are incredibly versatile ingredients, and with the right cooking methods and spices, they can be transformed into a delicious, guilt-free addition to any holiday meal. Try a beautifully festive crudité vegetable wreath, whimsical yet delicious Christmas tree salad with rich red pomegranate and tangy mandarin oranges, or this skinny scalloped potato gratin. And instead of calorie-heavy alcoholic holiday drinks (looking at you, eggnog!), go for delicious low-cal holiday mocktails that will taste great – and keep you clear-headed too.

Control your portions

Of course, when your favorite foods are staring you in the face, you won’t want to turn away – and you don’t have to! Instead, try using the “three-bite rule.” The first few bites of a dish give you the full experience of flavor and texture you’re seeking, while after that, the food becomes less satisfying. Small portions allow you to enjoy many of your traditional favorites without overdoing the calories.

Find more portion control tips and tricks here.

Drink plenty of water

Hydration is essential when it comes to keeping your weight loss goals on track. In fact, research shows that increased water intake is correlated with loss of body weight. In addition to helping you burn calories, plenty of water helps keep you full. About 30 minutes before your holiday dinner is served, drink a full glass to coat your stomach and make it less tempting to overdo it at the buffet table.

Enjoy active outdoor fun with the family

After a filling holiday meal, resist the urge to lounge around. Instead, suggest bundling up and heading outdoors for some winter outdoor fun. Whether you practice your football throwing arm in your backyard, go sledding at Crystal Lake or Waterworks Park, or take a brisk post-meal stroll around the block, you can make fun holiday memories and burn calories in the process.

Need more cold-weather exercise ideas? Try these gym-free winter workouts.

Be easy on yourself

If you find yourself consuming more sweets and calories at a gathering than you’d like, don’t be too concerned. Losing weight in a healthy way involves some wiggle room, and a little indulgence isn’t likely to completely derail your weight management efforts. Just keep your eye on the ball, and the results are sure to follow.

Armed with these tips, you can stay on top of your weight loss goals – even over the holidays. For personalized weight loss strategies that can carry you into 2019 and beyond, contact us online or call (920) 885.6090 today to schedule an appointment with our doctors and women’s health team.

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