6 Health Benefits of Movement

February 2019

Embracing exercise can be a physically and emotionally healthy way to thrive.

One of the health benefits of movement is weight control.

Movement can be joyful. When we were children, most of us loved playing games, running, hopping, jumping, marching, swimming—any chance to move our bodies! As an adult, thinking about exercise as a chance to happily move around can make it feel less like a chore and more like fun. With all the physical and emotional health benefits of exercise, aim to recapture a childlike spirit and rediscover the love of physical activity in your daily life. Not only can it bring a smile to your face, but it’s also really good for you!

Here are some of the top health benefits of movement as part of your routine:

  1. Weight control and lean muscle mass
  2. Less anxiety and depression
  3. Healthy skin and hair
  4. Higher energy levels
  5. More regular sleep
  6. Lower risk of disease

Keep reading to learn more about these six health benefits of movement as exercise.

  1. Weight control and lean muscle mass

Maintaining a healthy weight is a foundational risk-reducer for certain health conditions. It’s helpful in keeping cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure in check. Whether you’d like to lose weight or maintain where you are currently, exercise is a fundamental part of the equation. If it’s safe for you, lifting weights is a healthy option for cultivating lean muscle, which gives a toned (not bulky!) appearance and makes you stronger so you can take on the world.

  1. Less anxiety and depression

The emotional and mental benefits of movement are something to really get happy about. With endorphins galore, exercise boosts mood and has been shown to work as an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.

  1. Healthy skin and hair

The health benefits of movement extend to your skin and hair too! Exercise can be good for skin conditions spanning acne to wrinkles, and can help give anyone that sought-after natural glow. Furthermore, when you get your blood pumping with some quality cardio, the increased blood flow can lead to stronger and healthier hair. These beauty benefits are just the cherry on top of better health.

  1. Higher energy levels

If you often feel too tired to work out, there’s good news: the more you work out, the more energy you’ll have for it – and other activities in your life. While you may be challenged to break through an initial slump when you’re getting your body used to movement, it should be smooth sailing once you build the habit. This energy boost begins at the cellular level, with mitochondria. The more you exercise, the more mitochondria your body produces, and the more energy you have.

  1. More regular sleep

Don’t worry – you may have extra energy, but it’s not likely to keep you up at night staring at the ceiling. On the contrary: exercise promotes better sleep quality and duration, though you may not want to schedule your sweat session right before bed. Most experts believe 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise is enough to improve your sleep.

  1. Lower risk of disease

The final health benefit of movement on our list is a big one. Regular exercise is shown to lower your risk of a long list of diseases and conditions, from heart disease and cancer to dementia and diabetes, and other chronic issues. You’ll also have a better chance of staving off short-term sicknesses like the cold and flu, thanks to a fortified immune system.

If you’re new to an exercise routine, check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you. Once you get the all-clear, start with simple movement—brisk walks around the block or opting for stairs over the elevator. You could also join a beginner’s yoga class, go for a bike ride, or even enjoy outdoor winter fun with your family. It all gets you moving, and that’s the first step to reaping all the incredible health benefits of exercise!

Looking for more exercise ideas? Check out our favorite gym-free winter workouts here.

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