Foods to Eat on Your Period

August 2016

The secret to mastering period symptoms? Eat right. One of the foods to eat on your period is yogurt, a calcium powerhouse that can help fight cramps and cravings.

Oh boy—here it comes. Cramps, bloating, fatigue, and irritability. Aunt Flo, as she’s cheekily named, has come to town. Fight pesky period symptoms with the proper period diet. Here are the best foods to eat on your period:

Calcium-rich and vitamin D-dense foods are shown to reduce cramps and cravings.

Chia seeds stabilize blood sugar and their omega-3 fatty acids can ease depression. Kiss your period hunger pangs and blues goodbye!

Whole wheat bread
Grains of the whole variety offer magnesium and vitamins B & E that relieve muscle tension and fight fatigue.

When you’re on your period, you lose iron. Replenish this key nutrient by adding more spinach to your salad or smoothie.

Cramping is often aggravated by a shortage of minerals in your system, so stock up on potassium by eating a daily banana.

If food allergies stand between you and these period foods, contact our women health experts and we’ll help you find alternative options that will provide the same benefits.

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