5 Breast Health Tips

July 2016

Lifestyle recommendations for healthier breasts. 

One of our breast health tips is to get enough sleep so your body can regulate estrogen levels and prevent breast cancer.

Did you know there's more to breast health than self-exams and mammograms? Reduce your risk of breast cancer and keep the girls as healthy as possible with these easy breast health tips. 

1.     Exercise

Regular exercise reduces the output of estrogen-producing fat cells that can cause breast cancer. So get your body moving a few times a week to promote breast and overall health.

2.     Drink less alcohol 

Studies show that women who don't drink are diagnosed with breast cancer less often than those who indulge in more than 3 drinks a day. Limit yourself to no more than one drink a day – your breasts will thank you. 

3.     Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa has been rumored to fight fast-growing cancers, including breast cancer. More research is still needed to verify those claims, but in the meantime – enjoy a square without guilt! 

4.     Say yes to fruits and veggies

Eating an abundance of fruits and veggies is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer, among other health benefits. During spring, summer, and fall, make regular trips to the Heritage Village Mall Farmers’ Market to stock up on seasonal garden-fresh produce.

5.     Get enough sleep

One of our most important breast health tips is to sleep at least 7-8 hours each night. Adequate sleep can boost estrogen-regulating melatonin and reduce the risk of breast cancer. To promote good sleep, settle in with a good book, a relaxing meditation sequence, or a warm bath at bedtime.

If you’d like more breast health tips or think you're overdue for a screening, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our women’s health providers today. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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