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Do not include any personal or identifying information with your question.  A BDWH Healthcare Professional will respond to your health care question with general information.  This information does not constitute medical advice and is not a substitute for a consultation with a Healthcare Professional. If your question is a non-medical query, one of BDWH’s office staff may respond.  If your question relates to a matter that requires prompt attention, you should call BDWH to schedule an appointment at 920-885-6090.


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We provide comprehensive women’s health services by appointment only. Same day appointments are often available. To schedule an appointment, click the Submit link below.


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Have a question for the Beaver Dam Women's Health staff? Click the link below to submit your general question. For urgent medical matters, contact us at 920-885-6090 or dial 911.

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Get to know the health specialists and doctors that make us Beaver Dam's friendliest women's health and pregnancy clinic.

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