Preventative Care

What to Know About Telemedicine Visits

July 2020

In the age of social distancing, telemedicine is a convenient option for certain types of appointments traditionally conducted in person. Many medical clinics, including ours, are open and accepting a mix of telemedicine and in-person appointments. 

6 Benefits of Contraceptive Counseling

April 2020

There are many benefits of contraceptive counseling with a trusted women’s health provider.

9 Self-Care Tips for Women

April 2020

Now more than ever, life can get so busy with jobs, families, and other responsibilities demanding our time and energy. These nine self-care tips for women are designed to fit into your life seamlessly, even if you’re short on time. 

Reasons Women Use Contraception Beyond Pregnancy Prevention

March 2020

Despite its name, contraceptive birth control has more uses than preventing pregnancy. Your women’s health provider may also prescribe it for a variety of different purposes.

6 Safe Postpartum Contraception Methods

February 2020

These postpartum contraception methods provide safe and effective options to help with your family planning goals.

Habits for Women to Ditch and Keep in 2020 [Infographic]

January 2020

A brand-new year offers the perfect opportunity to recommit to your health and wellness. Set yourself up for success by vowing to keep (or ditch) these habits! 

The #1 Way to Protect Yourself from Cervical Cancer

January 2020

In honor of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, there’s some good news you should know: the incidence of cervical cancer is going down every year. And the reason for the decline is because of the testing, screening, and preventative tools we’re using!

6 Reasons Not to Skip Women’s Preventative Health Visits

November 2019

This article contains reasons not to skip women’s preventative health visits.Annual wellness exams are an essential way to stay on top of your health. But if preventative health screenings don't seem like a pressing need, you may let them fall off your radar while you focus on other things in your busy life. 

When Should Your Teen Daughter Schedule Her First Gynecologist Appointment?

June 2019

Helping your teenage daughter transition to womanhood is a powerful part of being a parent. In this article, we’ll cover these key areas to help parents and their teens with the first gynecologist visit.

Why Do Women Need an Annual Wellness Exam?

April 2019

An annual wellness exam, or well-woman visit, gives you and your women’s health care provider the chance to sit down and discuss your health – even if you feel great.


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