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Personalized Irregular Period Treatment Options

Get personalized irregular period treatment options from Beaver Dam Women's Health.

Have irregular, heavy, painful, or absent periods? Listen to Dr. Effie Siomos, M.D., FACOG, as she discusses the many solutions for abnormal periods. Make an appointment with a provider at Beaver Dam Women’s Health, and you’ll receive the answers and advice you need if you suffer from irregular periods.


August 2014

Invest in your Health – 8 Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk of Gynecologic Cancer

Ever wonder if you’re at risk for a type of gynecologic cancer?

Find out what can increase your risk of cancer and the steps you can take to improve your lifelong health. We’ll outline 8 things you can do to reduce your risk and stay healthy for years to come. 

July 2014

The First Gynecologic Appointment – A Guide for Young Women & Parents

Just as your teen's cell phone is important enough to her social life that she seems attached to it at the hip, what's between her hips is just as important to her, but in a different way—for her gynecologic health. It might be the last thing on her mind, or her parent's mind, but it is crucial that young women come in for an initial gynecologic appointment for awareness, education, and guidance about their gynecologic health. Read more about what to expect at a young woman's first gynecology appointment.

July 2014

When to See a Gynecologist for the First Time

Get helpful information on when to see a gynecologist for the first time.Unsure when you or your daughter should visit a gynecologist for the first time? Andrea Bushaw, MSN, WHNP, APNP, explains when and why young women should make their first appointment with an OBGYN. The team at Beaver Dam Women’s Health is committed to providing each patient with a comfortable and informative first-time visit. 

July 2014

Guidelines on Pap Smear Screening

Get our most up-to-date guidelines on pap smear screening.

Pap smears are an important part of preventive health for every woman, but many may wonder how often to get one. In this video, Andrea Bushaw, MSN, WHNP, APNP at Beaver Dam Women’s Health explains the most up-to-date recommendation for Pap smears. 


June 2014

10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Perhaps you are mentally prepared for your pregnancy but are not sure what you need to do to deliver a happy and healthy baby. What can you eat? How much should you exercise? How much do you need to sleep? These answers, and more, are included in the 10 simple tips below that will help you deliver a bouncing baby.

April 2014


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